Childrens’ Books

Jules has illustrated over twenty books, most of them for children. At present he has four series on the go in Australian publishing for three major publishers:

  • The WeirDo series with comedian Anh Do (Scholastic)
  • The Kaboom Kid series with cricketer David Warner (Simon & Schuster)
  • The Leo Da Vinci series with Michael Pryor (Random House)
  • The Helix series with Damean Posner (Random House)

And there’s always more coming! Any enquiries can be directed to Jules’ agent Brian Cook




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Jules is also a published author in his own right, having a book of short fiction published in 2004, as well as appearing in various anthologies over the years.



He has self-published various comic books and received the Silver Ledger Award in 2002 for co-editing Australian small press comic Sporadic.



Jules has also illustrated various children’s books for self-publishers.