Jules has done hundreds of workshops from 5 year olds through to 85 year olds!

Having worked in numerous fields, he can host workshops in:

  • Caricaturing
  • Comic Strips
  • Comic Book Layout
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • General Cartooning

Jules says: I don’t really hold ‘How to draw’ classes. I feel that teaching someone how I draw something is like teaching someone how to copy a sentence I’ve written. I believe in the unique voice each individual possesses. So I teach the tools that allow the individual to walk the path themselves. It results in a much more satisfactory appreciation of drawing and writing and a faster means of growing the skillset. We still draw, but no one’s copying a robotic way to draw a fish, say. Instead, they learn how to see a fish and draw it for themselves.

News article about one of Jules’ events

Jules has created his personal Jules’ Rules system – a fun way to remember the important things you need to know about cartooning – and has taught this to great effect at schools, holiday workshops and week-long courses.


For school bookings in NSW please contact Kris Butson at Lateral Learning

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